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"From nothing to market leader", Jon Valentine of Renato Software

The unbelievable journey from a simple idea and no money, to market leader and profits of over £1m, in the very poor ‘Education Sector’.

Bio: Having a deep interest in Artificial Intelligence at just 8 years old, Jonathan found computer programming a great way to express his creative skills and soon became a proficient programmer a few years later.

TIn 2001, whilst at University, Jonathan became an I.T Consultant to many schools throughout the Nottingham area and in one particular school, he saw the I.T Teacher struggling to teach during an I.T lesson due to distractions such as the Internet and computer games.

TJonathan created a program the very same evening that gave the teacher greater control over the I.T lesson.

TStarting with no funds and no staff, Jonathan began a journey which led to his company to doubling turnover and profits year on year. In 2009, he began employing staff and despite a previously slow growth, he employed over 85 staff by the time he stepped away as CEO in May 2015, with his product being adopted in over 80 countries and having over 45% market share in the UK.

TToday he is starting his next venture, funded by the sale of his former company.

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Tech Startup of the Year Awards 2016

We're searching for Nottingham's Tech Startup and Future Startup of the year. On the night our finalists will pitch their business to our panel of expert judges to see who wins the prize. Past winners include AppInstitute, Cronofy, ENSEK and GoDine.

New Startup of the Year

An award for new startups who have launched their service or product within the last two years. The startups can pre-revenue and the emphasis here is on potential as well as success so far.

Startup of the Future

An award dedicated to people who have a great idea for a startup they think should happen. Whether a real company at pre-launch or not, the aim of the award is to reward the future potential of a startup idea.

Prizes will be announced over the coming months. To enter send an email to and he'll send you your application form. To check out prizes from last year take a look at the Tech Startup Awards 2015 site.